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5 Reasons to Sell Your Home This Winter

By: Jennifer Hebert (Pennant Real Estate Agent)

‘Tis the Season to Sell Your Home

Is selling your home the last thing you are thinking about this time of year? You aren’t the only one who can’t imagine why anyone would sell this time of year. Everyone knows the winter is the season of giving and the spring is the season for selling. What if I told you there are 5 great benefits to selling in the winter?

Selling during the holidays doesn’t have to be as bad as the horrible socks and sweaters you will have to regift again this year or the never ending traffic that puts you in anything but the holiday spirit. Selling your home this winter could have its advantages and here are our 5 favorite ones!

Less Competition

While most of the other competition has dried up and has moved on, it leaves your home as a wonderful remaining option. Come spring time, listing will flood the market leaving you the little fish in the big pond. But in the winter, you practically have the market to yourself.

With the internet booming with holiday shopping and customer traffic your home will be an inspiration for holidays to come with the excitement of new things. The internet is always working and is especially popular this time of year, so with the right agent and marketing plan your house could be the best gift under the tree this year!

Buyers are Serious Shoppers

If you are searching for a house in the winter months, you are not just a “seeing what is out there”. They are buyers on a mission fighting that holiday traffic and fitting in time for viewing of your home. The “off season” home buyers mean business and are truly ready to buy.

These buyers aren’t curling up to the newest hallmark movie and eggnog, they are probably on a deadline and most find a home soon. Many maybe facing expiring lease, relocation or have a contract on their current home.

Tax Benefits Before Year-End

Winter buyers understand the benefits of buying a home and are motivated to capture them before the end of the year for tax purposes.  Home buyers can write-off some of the home buying expenses on their taxes. There are typically multiple tax benefits a home owner can take advantage of as well. Some tax deductions a home owner can usually count on are:

  • Mortgage Interest
  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Premiums
  • Real Estate Taxes

All these benefits along with seasonal deals on furniture and appliances could encourage buyers to close on a home before the end of the year. If you are selling and buying a new home, you can receive these same great benefits as well.

Taxes can be complicated and are not straight-forward. It is always recommended to consult a tax professional for the best tax advantages. Lean on their knowledge and expertise to gain the most tax benefits from your home buying experience. They can make sure you get every deduction and credit you have worked hard to earn.

Better Access to Professionals

With the winter being the “slow” time in real estate, you have the primary attention of professionals who maybe otherwise inundated with clients. Meaning, you have the full attention of the agents and lenders as well as easier access to inspectors, appraisers and moving companies. This could help speed up the buying process which can seem somewhat drawn out in busier times of the year. This could not only save you time and money but also provide for you a more enjoyable experience.

Buyers See the Home in the Most Natural State

What home doesn’t look great in the spring time with bright green grass, freshly planted flowers and the sun shining bright after dull winter days. In the winter your house may not have that spring time glow but it provides all the warmth of the holidays. It is easier to make a house feel like a home during the holidays. You get to present the sense of family and memories in the winter-time. The twinkle of the Christmas lights to the smell of a fireplace creates the perfect welcome to home buyers. They immediately feel the sense of home and can imagine their own family holidays spent right there.

So stop putting off the sell of your home and contact an agent today! Give yourself the gift of a new home this holiday season and sit back and enjoy the sunshine this spring! There is no time like the PRESENT time to go after what you want; a new home for the holidays!



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