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The Yate's Selling Experience

Jennifer Hebert

Jennifer Hebert was born and raised just outside of Baton Rouge...

Jennifer Hebert was born and raised just outside of Baton Rouge...

Jan 27 4 minutes read

Setting the Stage

Kim and Jim Yates lived down the road to a property I had listed. They decided to stop by the open house to see how the house was renovated. Their neighborhood was affected by the flood in August of 2016. Unlike a lot of their neighbors, they didn’t want to sell. The Yates was going to renovate their home and continue living there.

Their Situation

Over the next year, the Yates had some unexpected health issues in the family. After about a year of the home renovations being pushed back yet again, they decided it was time they sell and move to be closer to family. Still holding on to my card from the open house they visited they decided to give me a call.


I was afraid I would never find what I was looking for, comfort in the process and decision to sell my home. 

Kim and Jim had gone through so much and even tried to sell the home on their own before contacting me. Like so many homeowners that decide to sell on their own, they just ran into problem after problem. The moment they knew they needed help was when an interested buyer came along with an agent of their own. The buyer had someone helping them through everything, looking out for their interest and advising them every step of the way. The Yates began questioning if they were making the right decision and just felt vulnerable to the entire process.

Jennifer surprised us

They had never felt pressured or nagged by me at the open house and that was a comforting feeling to them. With the education, guidance, and advice they needed, their home sold before it even was listed! The feeling of comfort and peace they received was something they hadn’t felt about their home in a long time. Kim and Jim were relieved of the stress of their home and were now able to focus on more important things like their family!

Kim and Jim's advice to others

"Even though you can reach the same outcome without a Realtor, the experience, process, and confidence you receive when using a professional are well worth it. Also, all Realtors are not the same and they aren't all right for you. Don't let a bad experience prevent you from finding the right professional to help you in the future! We allowed past experiences to control our decisions in the beginning but letting those experiences go was the best thing we could have did because it led us to Jennifer! Having the right Realtor for you is just as important as using one in the first place!"

The Yate’s had such a wonderful experience with the sale of their home, they left this amazing review! They stand behind their decision to use a Realtor and also continue to give my contact information to their friends in town who are looking to buy or sell a home!

“Jennifer was the best, most professional realtor I have ever worked with. She managed to salvage a bad deal another realtor had created, while she was working on other solutions to help sell our home. Our home sold quickly, due to her diligence."

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