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5 Tips to Tackle Holiday Decor


5 Tips to Tackle Holiday Decor

Jennifer Hebert

Jennifer Hebert was born and raised just outside of Baton Rouge...

Jennifer Hebert was born and raised just outside of Baton Rouge...

Nov 6 5 minutes read

Do you ever tell yourself that this will be your year to decorate your home like all the pictures you see on Instagram? If you are like me, it is probably pretty much every year. Then you walk into the store ready to get what you need and you leave overwhelmed and underprepared telling yourself, next year! Decorating for the holidays doesn't have to break your spirit or the bank. Here are a few tips to get you started and have your home Instagram picture worthy in no time! You can do it, this is your year! 

1. Pick a color scheme.

Decide on a color scheme, style or theme to base your holiday decor and decorations. This will help you narrow down your options when you are shopping. If you go in without a plan, you may find yourself just picking up things here are there that are pretty but don't necessarily go together. This will leave the space looking unfinished or busy. Deciding on a theme such as rustic (warm reds,  greens, and neutrals, plaids, buffalo check, pine cones, holly berries, fur, and white lights), modern (metallics, mercury glass, jewel tones, whimsical, and muted color scheme), and Classic (iconic holiday figures in festive color palette of red, green, and gold).  

*Need more direction on themes? Balsam Hill does a great job of describing several decorating themes here

2. Keep it simple.

Less is sometimes more! You don't want your decorations to take over a room or space. Especially with kids and pets, you want to make sure that you maintain the function of your home during the holidays. Simply adding a wreath to a mirror over your mantel can be enough depending on how big the room is and what other decorations you have in the room. A key in not cluttering a space is to remove the "day to day" decorations if you plan to add a few holiday pieces or larger items like a strand of garland to the space.  Keep everything organized by storing non-holiday mantel decor in the storage container that you use for the holiday mantel decor. 

3. Start with the basics. 

 Whether you are decorating a new home or decorating for the holidays, nothing is more overwhelming than trying to tackle every room at once! Not only is it a stressful task, but it is also expensive! Start with three main areas and add on a little each year as you can. Think of the spaces that will make the most impact like front door/ entryway, mantel or kitchen island, and dining room table. Even starting with a tree can be difficult. (Wait until tip 5 to help you get started with your tree situation!) These areas are in common spaces of the home so they are seen frequently but can really be decorated with only a few items. This really allows you to figure out your theme and keep it simple until you become a pro at holiday decor!

4. Use what you have.

 Using what you have is helpful in three main ways. One, it helps keep your cost down. Two, it reduces the number of things you have to store in the "off-season".  Three, it is stuff you already like so more than likely your holiday decor theme will coordinate with it. If you have a wooden tiered tray, use it on your kitchen island with some ornaments, greenery, and other little decor items. Use the mirror in your entryway, over your mantel or in your dining room by hanging a wreath or icicle lights on it. Rather than buying new throw pillows, just get pillow covers for your existing pillows! Incorporating your current place settings (dinnerware, flatware, and stemware) into your table decor is also a great way to utilize what you already have. Having a base for your decorations also allows you to organize a plan of exactly what you need when shopping! 

5. Plan head- think about next year.

Most places run big sales after Christmas on remaining decorations and decor. This is a great time to pick up items to add to your home for next year. Sometimes starting with a Christmas tree is daunting. There is the tree itself, lights, tree skirt, ornaments, ribbon, tree topper, and the list goes on! So gradually tackling the tree with after-season sales can make it more manageable. At that point, you have decided on a theme and have a game plan for what type of decorations you need. This allows you to purchase "filler" decorations at a fraction of the price so you only have to focus on a few "statement" items when the holidays roll around next year! 

So gather up your Christmas cheer and make this your year for tackling holiday decorations.  Always remember what we learned from The Grinch, "Maybe Christmas he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!" 

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